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Call for Investment in Priority Value Chains

The Government of Kenya, through the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), is
committed to driving economic and inclusive growth through an agricultural value chain approach.
This strategy aims to transform the agriculture sector, increase productivity, eradicate hunger,
reduce the cost of living, create jobs, and promote inclusive growth.

In alignment with this approach, the Land Commercialization Initiative (LCI) is committed to
identifying suitable land for investors interested in leasing land for production within any of the
strategically important value chains highlighted under BETA. Below are the current priority value
chains. Investors focusing on these value chains will receive support from the LCI to find suitable
land for their investments.


Maize seed and maize production
Beans | Green grams | Rice | Wheat

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

Edible Oils

Sunflower | Canola

The Process


Investor expresses interest


LCI identifies suitable land


LCI issues an EOI / RfP for the land and invites the investor to apply within a stipulated timeframe


Evaluation, negotiation, and land lease signing.


  • The Ministry will accept expressions of interest from investors on a rolling basis.

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